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The Yoga Swing Or Yoga

The Yoga Swing Or Yoga

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The other day I was on my omni swing doing some exercises and a couple of thoughts crossed my mind.  Is the yoga swing better than yoga?  Does the yoga swing replace yoga?

The answer to these questions is a simple No, but I’ll go into a little more detail.

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Yoga and anti gravity yoga (yoga swing yoga) are complimentary, first of all.  I can say this for sure.  It’s much easier to do some of omni swingthe traditional yoga poses, as a result of using the omni swing.

Cobra pose is an example.  It’s just much more natural to do this pose now, because of the flexibility I’ve gained using the yoga swing.

You Can’t Do A Head Stand On The Yoga Swing

Nothing can replace a headstand on the ground.  Having your head and neck supporting the weight of your body has a whole different effect than being upside down on a yoga swing.

Getting comfortable in a head stand, and breathing properly while you’re doing it, is inspiring on some strange level and I don’t want to give that up.  Being in direct contact with the floor has a whole set of it’s own benefits, so I can’t say using a yoga swing makes regular yoga obsolete.

Using An Omni Swing And Practicing Yoga Are Great Fitness Tools

Something great about yoga swings and yoga is they both help to improve strength and flexibility.  You have to experience them to really appreciate the possibilities.

I know a lot of people who are turned off by yoga, because they think it’s a religion or some strange new age practice.  For me, yoga is advanced stretching and meditation.  It may be a religion for some people, but it definitely doesn’t have to be.

The practice of breathing, in yoga alone, is like a meditation, and adding stretching into that meditation helps you to feel many of the intricate details of the body; to feel the inter-connectedness of the it.

A yoga swing helps you to easily get into positions you might find difficult or impossible without one.  For the person who’s into yoga, it’ll make it easier to get more out of some of the poses you already do.

The yoga swing also allows you to work muscles and muscle groups, in a way you just can’t work them doing ground yoga.  It’s completely awesome and helps you to use several muscle groups at a time, just getting into the different positions that are possible.

The yoga swing has been one of the greatest things I’ve added to my fitness regime, ever, but I’m not going to give up yoga because of it.

In conclusion, both doing Yoga and using the Yoga Swing offer tremendous benefits to the practitioner.  I recommend both.

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See My Main Omni Swing Review And Videos


Omni Swing Review And Videos

Omni Swing Review And Videos

The Omni Swing is the latest invention of a line of yoga swings created by Tone Cardenas.  Tone is the creator of the original yoga swing and the Omni Swing Deluxe is the most advanced.

I personally own an omni swing deluxe and it’s a very special piece of equipment, that has helped me to get into great shape.

You might want to get one of these yoga swings for yourself to take your strength and flexibility to the next level.

omni swing yoga swing

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The videos on this page will help you to get an idea of what you can do on an omni swing.  You’ll also get an understanding of the differences between the omni swing deluxe and the yoga swing deluxe.

They look very similar but the omni swing is more versatile.

You may have heard the terms Anti Gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga before.  With an omni swing you can do anti gravity yoga and more.  You’ll be able to work muscles in a way that you can’t do without something like it.

How Can An Omni Swing Benefit You?

The swing is suspended by a set of strong springs, attached to a bar which hangs from a sealing, beam, Rockit Stand or other firm anchor.  It also has 2 sets of handles; One set is adjustable for further versatility.

In addition to the swing and the handles the omni swing has stir ups for the feet, which also allow a wide range of motion.

Having the range of motion the handles and stirrups offer, in addition to the springs the yoga swing hangs from, creates instability.  It’s this instability that allows you to work many stabilizer muscles you wouldn’t otherwise work; Your body has to use all of these muscles to help balance you.

The benefits acquired by your muscles as a result of this instability of the omni swing are a good enough reason to make it great to add to your fitness plan, but this yoga swing is good for a lot more.

Think about what it’s like to do a push-up.  Your hands are on the floor, in a kind of awkward position for your wrists.  You can go down so far and back to the up position.  You can get a little more versatility by putting your hands in different positions.

With the omni swing, you can take push-ups to a whole new level.  You have full range of motion capability, which allows you to work muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Doing push-ups in the air on a yoga swing gives you such an amazing core workout; and you can advance in the ways you can do push, as you gain strength.  I’ve advanced quite a bit in the last few weeks, and I can’t imagine I can ever max out.  The possibilities may not be infinite, but that’s the way I think about it.

Pushups are only one of many ways you can get your muscles working on the omni gym yoga swing.  You can get as creative as you like and learn a lot of different things you can do from what others have tried already.

Strength isn’t the only thing you’ll gain using an omni swing.  You can contort your body into all kinds of positions; and use the swing, handles and stirrups for support, which allows you to relax into positions and stay in them long enough to get some benefit.

Some people have claimed to have improved their spinal health from using a yoga swing.  There is a practice called inversion therapy.  It’s basically hanging upside down.  Hanging upside down creates traction, as it’s called in orthopedics.  The claims of people who support this theory, is that it decompresses the spine and allows lost moisture to return to the vertebrae, helping the vertebrae to regain their original shape. (Inversion therapy claims are partially paraphrased from wikipedia.)

It’s important to note, using a yoga swing can be very beneficial, but any form of exercise has risk.  You should start slow and take it easy.  Advance as you’re confidence in your ability increases.  If you have any health or medical concerns, consult with a doctor before doing any kind of exercise on an omni swing.

These things being noted, an omni swing has benefited others, including myself.  Watch the videos on this site to see what you’re getting into.

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Omni Swing Review

Omni Swing Review

The Omni Swing is the most advanced version of the original Yoga Swing. I just got mine recently and I really like it. The video on this page shows you the differences between the Omni Swing and Yoga Swing and gives you the details on how to order yours and get a discount.

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I’ll be uploading a video with my Omni Swing Deluxe Soon. Please share your experience with your Omni Swing Or Yoga Swing with us. We’d love to hear about your experience and we’ll post a video of you on our site if you create one.

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